The FlowWise team is here to you keep your drains clean, and take care of any kind of damage to your drainage pipes.  We find that people do go looking for plumbers in Maroochydore due to their pets. Is it possible that your pets are damaging your drains?

Give That Dog a Bath

There is a small possibility that your dog’s hair is blocking your drains. A fair amount should be able to make its way through your drainage system without any harm. It is usually only the plughole that gets blocked. Nevertheless, if your drains are prone to blocking, then dog hair may exacerbate the problem.

Chewing on Pipes

It is unlikely that your dog is going to chew its way through your sewers, but if you have exposed parts of your septic tank, then it is conceivable that your pet may somehow damage the workings (or whatever is exposed). There is a chance that your pets may damage any electrical parts of your septic tank or your waste removal system.

Throwing Dirt into Your Drains

Let’s say your dog or cat decides that your garden has something interesting under the top soil, so they decide to dig a nice big hole in the middle. They excavate and push the soil around so it creates a mound of dirt. This landscaping project can generate a lot of dirt that finds its way into your sewerage system. However, it would have to be a lot of material in order to cause a problem.

Pets Knocking Things into Drains

If you have drains and sewers with openings near your home, then your pet may knock something into the drain and it blocks it.  Though it is not likely, your dog or cat may tip potted plants over into the drain, or may drop items down your sewers.  There are probably other things in your garden that may cause problems if they find their way into your drains, such as cement, roots etc.

Conclusion – It Probably Isn’t Your Pets

Even if you bath your dog every day, and even if your cat is dropping rodents into your drains, there are probably other reasons why your drains keep blocking.  In many cases, it is because your drains are old or damaged.  If the plumbers in Maroochydore start blaming your pets for your blocked drains, then get in touch with us at FlowWise and let’s see if we can fix your problem permanently without getting your pets involved.


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