Blocked Drains Sunshine Coast

Blocked Drains in the Sunshine Coast

Blocked Drain Repair Without Digging

Flowwise are blocked drain specialists servicing the entire Sunshine Coast.

We are qualified professional plumbers with over 18 years of experience fixing all types of blocked drains across the Sunshine Coast.

We fix blocked drains in your home or around your property without digging.

We use specialised equipment and camera technology that enables us to identify the blockage, location, and fix it fast without digging.

As this technology allows us to fix the issue quickly, this not only saves you time and money, it also has minimal impact on your home life or family.

We understand the problems of a blocked drain and we do everything we can to ensure the blockage is cleared as soon as possible.

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Blocked Drains Services

  • CCTV camera inspection – we will show you exactly what is causing your blockage
  • High pressure cleaning – our jetter ensures we leave the inside of your drain like new, cutting through roots, tough debris and removing grease with ease
  • Pipe and problem location – we can pinpoint the exact location of your problem and can accurately mark the spot for effective repair
  • Clean and disinfect the area free of charge, ensuring that we leave the contaminated area germ free, clean, and smelling fresh
  • Provide work reports, honest recommendations and free quotes if further work is required.

Flowwise also provides advance pipe relining services, repairing pipes using our no dig repair incorporating the latest technology and specialised equipment.

Or see our commercial services for all businesses and projects.

Flowwise are proud to back their service and products with the following guarantee and warranties

guarantee     40year     10 year Product Warranty

Annual Maintenance Program

Flowwise has developed their unique Annual Maintenance Program, keeping your home and family safe throughout the year and for when our storm season hits.

All you have to do is book your annual maintenance program and we take care of the rest.

Complete Blocked Drain Solutions

Servicing the South East Queensland region

Blocked Drain Specialists


No digging

High pressure drain clearing and cleaning
CCTV camera inspections and reports
Cost effective solution
Problem location and identification
Minimal disruption
Fully licenced and reliable service
Fix issue fast
Honest recommendations if further work is required
Work guarantee
Free quotes
Annual maintenance program

Why should I pick a no-dig solution?

The benefits are all listed above, but if that has not convinced you, then it might be worth mentioning the risks of needlessly digging to fix the pipes. The surrounding area becomes a bit of an eyesore for an extended period, and there is always a chance that their machinery might burst a pipe and cause worse damage.

Is there a loss of flow after the pipe is fixed?

As the relining works by entering the pipe itself, it may be that the flow is reduced slightly, but this is how relining would work, whether it involves excavating or not. The benefits of repairing the pipe without a full replacement will massively outweigh only a small decrease in water flow.

How much does the lining cost?

This will depend on the complexity of the work, such as the amount of lining required and the number of metres that have to be repaired, but we charge a flat fee every hour to make sure our services stay affordable to all. If you need help with your pipes, then please feel free to contact us for a free quote!

What type of leaking pipe repairs do you do?

We offer our no dig pipe repair to sewerage, stormwater, and plumbing pipes.

What our customers are saying

20 Google reviews


"Thank you to Justin and the Flowwise team for their valuable information and professional manner. I highly recommend Flowwise!"

Pat Plowman
Les Beaches Body Corporate


"I found Flowwise to be punctual, hard working, knowledgable and personable."

Jarrod Hogan
Storming Normans Carpentry


"I recently had a problem with my drains. I rang Flowwise and they were there in a flash - sorted my drains out very quickly and inexpensively. I am very happy and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone - ever! Thank you guys so much!"

Christine Rule
Home owner, Sunshine Coast


"Massive thanks to Justin and the boys from Flowwise. Prompt and reliable service with fantastic results! Highly recommend!"

Shay McInerney
Home owner, Sunshine Coast

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