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Pipe Relining

We Repair Pipes Without Digging

As part of our no dig pipe repair, we provide a simple, practical and cost effective solution to pipe repair – called pipe relining. This solution is ideal for areas that can not be excavated or simply not an option. Our proven solution saves you both time and money. All of our technicians are highly skilled and fully trained in the pipe rehabilitation process.

We own the licence for the unique and original Nuflow system. This system delivers a product that adheres and bonds to all types of pipes, whether they are used for drinking water, sewerage, stormwater, gas and hot water; including copper, PVC (Plastic), earthenware, steel, galvanised, cast iron and concrete.

See our technology for more information on how this proven system works.

Advanced Pipe Relining Services

  • Relining any host pipe
  • Broken or misaligned pipe work including void sections
  • Reducers and traps
  • Y and T junctions in any combination
  • Spot repair or continual length of a pipe
  • Pit and manhole rehabilitation.

We also provide complete blocked drain services and commercial services. Call us 07 5445 4276today for a no obligation free quote.

When Do I Need Pipe Relining?

It’s important to know when it’s time to consider pipe relining for your property, as acting quickly can save you a lot of stress and money. It’s a difficult task though because your pipes are usually out of sight, which makes it difficult to know when it’s time to reline them. Thankfully, there are a few telltale signs to watch out for that might indicate you need to reline your pipes. Some of these signs include:

  • Water backing up in your drains, sinks and showers
  • Poor water quality
  • Clogs or noticeable rust
  • Sludge developing in the bath
  • Toilets that gurgle
  • A foul odour when you’re in the garden

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, there’s a good chance it’s time to get your pipes relined. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you need pipe relining for your property, call a professional who will be able to take a better look.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Step 1 – CCTV and Problem Identification

  • Your damaged pipe could have been caused by a number of things from a fracture bend, crushed or damaged sections of pipe or intruding tree roots
  • We use a camera to inspect the pipe and locate the exact site of the problem.

Step 2 – Pipe Clean

  • Using our high tech jetter heads we can cut through any number of obstacles including tree roots, debris and grease build ups
  • This also allows for any built up water to drain out, leaving a clean and clear pipe.

Step 3 – Liner Manufacture

  • We stock a range of NuFlow liners which we can cut to exact measurements to fit the damaged section of pipe
  • There is no requirement to reline an entire length of pipe
  • We can repair a one metre section, in the middle of a 100 metre line if necessary
  • We can also do multiple repair liners along a line
  • If you are unsure which type of repair liner is best, give us a call to discuss with a technician who will be able to provide you the right guidance.

Step 4 – Liner Installation

  • We mix the resins onsite and the liner is inflated to take on the exact dimensions of the existing pipe
  • The liner is then left to set until it is completely cured
  • This eliminates all foreign intrusion and water infiltration, encasing the damaged or fractured section.
See our technology for further information about Blueline and Redline technology for our advance pipe relining services.

Flowwise are proud to back their service and products with the following guarantee and warranties

guarantee     40year     10 year Product Warranty

Complete Drain and Pipe Solutions

Servicing the South East Queensland region

Specialists In Relining Pipes


Advanced pipe relining

Cost effective solution
CCTV camera inspections and reports
No dig pipe repair
Problem location and identification
Minimal disruption
Fully licenced and reliable service
No digging
No mess
Product warranty
Honest recommendations if further work is required
Free quotes

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If you’d like to know more about how pipe relining can benefit your property, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment for pipe relining, contact our team at Flowwise today. We offer complete drain and pipe solutions for properties throughout the Sunshine Coast. We’ll diagnose the problem with your pipes fast and have your plumbing repaired in no time at all.

Our team at Flowwise are industry experts and are specially trained to carry out pipe relining as well as a host of other plumbing solutions, ranging from fixing blocked drains to offering no-dig pipe repair services. Give us a call today on 07 5445 4276 if you require our assistance with any piping or plumbing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pick a no-dig solution?

The benefits are all listed above, but if that has not convinced you, then it might be worth mentioning the risks of needlessly digging to fix the pipes. The surrounding area becomes a bit of an eyesore for an extended period, and there is always a chance that their machinery might burst a pipe and cause worse damage.

Is there a loss of flow after the pipe is fixed?

As the relining works by entering the pipe itself, it may be that the flow is reduced slightly, but this is how relining would work, whether it involves excavating or not. The benefits of repairing the pipe without a full replacement will massively outweigh only a small decrease in water flow.

How much does the lining cost?

This will depend on the complexity of the work, such as the amount of lining required and the number of metres that have to be repaired, but we charge a flat fee every hour to make sure our services stay affordable to all. If you need help with your pipes, then please feel free to contact us for a free quote!

What type of leaking pipe repairs do you do?

We offer our no dig pipe repair to sewerage, stormwater, and plumbing pipes.

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