We Provide Complete Drain and Pipe Solutions Across South East Queensland

Flowwise provides complete drain and pipe solutions without digging, across the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland for residential homes, apartments, and commercial businesses and projects.

We Fix Blocked Drains Without Digging Fast!

From blocked drains in Buderim, overflowing pipes in Maroochydore, blocked toilets in Caloundra to problem tree roots in Nambour – we fix all types of blocked drains without digging!

We Fix all Types of Pipes Without Digging

We repair all types of pipes without digging. We use a cost effective solution that can quickly identify the location, issue and repair the pipe.

We Provide Advance Pipe Relining Services

As part of our no dig pipe repair service, we provide advance pipe relining services backed with a product warranty.

Commercial Services

No job is too large or too small. We provide complete drain and pipe repair services for any business or project.

Blocked water pipes and drains in the Sunshine Coast

Blocked Drains

We fix all types of block drains by using specialised technology, we provide a cost effective no dig solution.

Concrete pipes stacked

No Dig Pipe Repair

Using our specialised technology, we fix all types of pipes without digging.
Stacked Pipes in Sunshine Coast - FlowWise Sunshine Coast

Pipe Relining

We fix pipes. We provide pipe relining services backed with a 10 year warranty.
Wrenches on Piping for Commercial Services - FlowWise Sunshine Coast

Commercial Services

No job is too small or large. We provide a full range of drain and pipe commercial services.

Pipe Repair Services


For any homeowner, your drains are a part of your house that you rely on every day, but that you probably don’t think about very often.

Drainage work can be difficult, invasive, costly and messy if you try it yourself or opt for the wrong contractor, but it doesn’t have to be if you choose Flowwise!

No Dig Pipe Repair

Probably the most challenging aspect of drainage maintenance is access, because it’s pretty unavoidable that a lot of your drainage infrastructure is located in hard to reach areas, whether that’s under your patio or, in the worst case, under your house itself.

For other contractors, this would mean weeks of expensive and disruptive digging to find the problem, but we can do all of our works without having to sink a spade, thanks to a variety of tools that let us fix pipes from the surface.

Annual Inspections and Maintenance

There are all kinds of reasons that a pipe could become blocked, from the failure of the pipe itself to damage caused by tree roots and burrowing animals. We can identify the problem quickly and easily thanks to our inspection cameras.

Once we’ve established what the problem is, we use geolocation to mark exactly where the issue is on the pipe to the millimetre, and then we can go about coming up with a solution.

In most cases, corrosion or trapped gunk is the cause, and we can use high-pressure jets to clear those, which can even cut through thick mud and dirt or tree roots. If the problem is more serious, you don’t need to worry, because we can even re-line pipes and fix cracks and holes from the surface!

Pipe Relining

In the past, a broken, corroded or cracked pipe was the end of the line, but thanks to our use of the innovative Nuflow system, we are able to completely repair everything from broken and misaligned pipes to junctions and intersections from the surface.

The Nuflow system allows us to insert a hard-wearing and flexible polymer sleeve into the pipe from the surface and place it wherever it needs to go, from a tiny spot repair to an entire section of pipe, creating a new and safe channel for the water to flow through to combat leaks.

We’re so certain that our repair methods are the real deal that we’ll even give you a 10 year no leak warranty on our repair work! Our methods work on all kinds of pipes, from concrete and steel to copper and plastic, so no matter your setup, we have the solution for you, even in trickier situations like gas or storm drain pipes.

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"Thank you to Justin and the Flowwise team for their valuable information and professional manner. I highly recommend Flowwise!"

Pat Plowman
Les Beaches Body Corporate


"I found Flowwise to be punctual, hard working, knowledgable and personable."

Jarrod Hogan
Storming Normans Carpentry


"I recently had a problem with my drains. I rang Flowwise and they were there in a flash - sorted my drains out very quickly and inexpensively. I am very happy and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone - ever! Thank you guys so much!"

Christine Rule
Home owner, Sunshine Coast


"Massive thanks to Justin and the boys from Flowwise. Prompt and reliable service with fantastic results! Highly recommend!"

Shay McInerney
Home owner, Sunshine Coast

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