Blocked drains on the Sunshine Coast happen for many reasons and some of them don’t occur at home, but at your office instead. This can be a big problem since blocked drains can lead to other plumbing issues that can stop work and affect the integrity of the office building itself. That’s why it’s good to have us here at Flow Wise Complete Drain Solutions on hand anytime you need to unblock a drain. In the meantime, here are ways to prevent a blockage in the first place.

Watch What Goes Down the Drain

When it comes to the office breakroom, be sure that no one is running coffee grounds or other large amounts of food debris down the drain. While most of it will probably be washed away, some of it will build up, which can lead to a blockage. You can add a drain screen to help prevent this from happening. In the bathrooms, encourage employees to only flush toilet paper down the toilets and to throw away other items rather than running them down the bathroom sink.

Clean the Drains Regularly

Even with everyone’s best efforts, drains can end up clogged with built up gunk. To help prevent this from happening, sprinkle baking soda into the drains once or twice a month. Follow it with some plain white vinegar. Allow the mixture to bubble and break down the grit and grime, then run some very hot water through the drains to whisk it all away.

Have Drains Inspected

If you’re experiencing a main line blockage once a year or so, the problem could be bigger than just needing to be cleaned. Have your plumbing pipes inspected to determine if the issue might be nearby tree roots growing into the line or if something else is at play. We use camera technology and specialized plumbing equipment to clear these blockages for you.

Flush Your Drains

If you have low flow drains and toilets, you are saving water, but may be experiencing blockages more often. To help prevent this issue in the future, simply flush the drains in your office building from time to time. To do so, fill a large bucket with water and pouring it into the toilet while flushing, which helps keep the main line clear. You can fill the sinks in the bathroom and breakroom with hot water, using a stopper. Once full, release the stopper and allow the water to flow down the drain.

Don’t put your health at risk. Anytime you have a blocked drain, call us at Flow Wise Complete Drain Solutions for help.

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