Over the past 10 years Flowwise has been producing and installing Nuflow pipe liners throughout the Sunshine Coast region and have become industry leaders in pipe relining and no-dig rehabilitation systems, providing an excellent solution for plumbers. We strive to deliver the most flexible and adaptable lining product and installation systems available. With the support of Nuflow technologies we have been able to develop a new range of products to help service the industry and received some vital back ground support with the enlistment of a design and chemical engineer.
Brief description of range:

Blueline – sewer – stormwater – trade waste – horizontal or vertical pipe work

  • only Australian watermarked product WMTS-518
  • IOS9001 Quality Assured
  • 10 year Installation warranty – 50 year Product warranty
  • reline any host pipe – 40 – 1200mm
  • any lengths – 500mm – 45m
  • navigates Multiple Bends
  • junctions – in any combination
  • most versatile Lining product on the market
  • structural repair.
AR/HT – Acid resistant – High Temp

  • engineered designed to suit specific application
  • temperatures up to 140 degrees celsius.
Greenline – potable water – pressure and non-pressure

  • AS/NZ4020 approved – drinking water
  • 50mm – 1000mm
  • structural strength up to 1800kpa.
Redline – potable water pressurized

  • corrosion preventative in steel/metal piping
  • 12mm – 100mm
  • minimum disruption
Quality Assured

  • all Nuflow products come with approved industry compliance including the only Water Marked Australian Lining range WMT-518
  • all Nuflow products and installation methods backed with Australian Standard IOS9001
  • lining technicians are certified and committed to continual yearly training to encourage product knowledge and progressive installation technics
  • 10 year installation warranty and 50 year product warrant individually registered on national data base.
The development of Nuflow products and method has also encourage us to develop specialised tools and equipment to enable us to give the most effect and economical solution available.

I hope you consider Flowwise for your next no-dig solution.

Contact us to discuss your needs further.

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