When you have a commercial site, be it an office, shop, or restaurant, ensuring that your plumbing functions well is essential for both staff and visitors. Of course, it’s best to use professional services to resolve issues with plumbing – this will give you the most effective and reliable results.

It might be tempting to use a local plumbing service, and often this is the lower-cost option. However, many of these businesses are geared towards domestic plumbing work.

Local plumbers don’t always have the necessary experience and skills to handle plumbing issues in a business setting.


In this post, Flowwise on the Sunshine Coast looks at why you should hire dedicated professional services for your commercial plumbing work.


Skills for Commercial Plumbing. 


In general, commercial premises have a more complex plumbing set-up than residential sites. Added to that, facilities like toilets and sinks are likely to see much greater use at a commercial site compared to in the home due to a larger number of people on the premises.

This can mean that drainage systems and sewer lines are more likely to become clogged.

Commercial plumbers are experienced in dealing with issues like this and have the right equipment to resolve blockages effectively. Commercial plumbers can also undertake preventative work to reduce the risk of blockages reoccurring.

Many local plumbing companies are not equipped to handle blockages on this scale.

Similarly, commercial water heaters are often more complex and expensive than domestic models, and therefore you don’t want to take any chances. Commercial plumbers have the appropriate skills and experience to handle problems with water heaters, including clearing deposits, fixing leaks, and replacing faulty parts.

Local plumbers who normally deliver domestic services may not be experienced with heaters of this type.


Installations and Upgrades


Because commercial plumbing systems tend to be more complex than those at residential sites, you need specialists with the right experience to deal with installation and upgrade work. Commercial plumbers are able to address a whole range of installation requirements, from toilets and sinks to water filters.

A plumber who specialises in commercial services has a complete range of skills to deal with every aspect of your plumbing installation.


If the plumbing at your site is defective or doesn’t meet the necessary standards, a commercial plumber will be able to help with essential replacements and upgrades. Plumbing systems are often delicate, especially in the case of older systems. A specialist commercial plumber has the skills to install or replace piping, including in hard-to-reach areas that domestic plumbers might struggle with.


Find Commercial Plumbers


For commercial sites in South East Queensland, Flowwise is your local commercial plumbing expert.

We’ve gained almost 20 years of experience working on a huge variety of commercial plumbing projects, and have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality plumbing services for a vast range of businesses.

We provide quick and cost-effective dedicated services for commercial plumbing issues, get in touch 07 5445 4276 if you’re looking for quality workmanship and reliable services from specialist commercial plumbers.


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