There is nothing worse than discovering that you have a blocked drain. Not only is it a big inconvenience, but it can also be expensive if not addressed ASAP. But, what causes a blocked drain?

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Oil and Greasy Substances


Substances that normally come from the kitchen sink, such as cooking oils and the remnants from roasts, can cause a lot of problems. When you wash these dishes in the sink, the oils and fatty substances slowly collect in your kitchen pipes. Oils and fatty substances congeal as they cool and can end up blocking the pipe completely as it hardens.

If you suspect that you already have oil in your drains, chemical cleaners should do the trick to loosen it up and break the hardened grease down.

Tree Roots and Natural Debris


It only takes a small crack in a drain pipe for trees and other plants to grow roots into your plants as they seek out a water supply. Tree roots have been known to punch through pipes as they grow.

Prevent this by ensuring that you plant any trees or plants away from your pipes. In the case that roots have invaded your drain pipes, that section of the pipe or the entire pipe will likely need to be replaced.




Flushing toiletries, such as wet wipes or toilet wipes, down a drain, is a sure-fire way to end up with a blocked drainpipe. These toiletries do not break down, instead, they often travel a short distance down the line and get stuck, often causing a blockage.

Prevent this by throwing away these wipes and other such toiletries, even if they state that they are flushable. If a blockage has already been caused due to the flushing of these and other toiletries, a professional will be needed to remove the blockage in the pipe.


Foreign Objects


Anyone with children will know just how easy it is for random foreign objects to end up getting accidentally flushed down a toilet. Things such as soft toys, clothing, small toys, food, toy blocks and even entire rolls of toilet paper can end up getting flushed down your toilet by young children. Naturally, these foreign objects do not travel far down your drain before they get stuck and block your drains.

Try to avoid this happening by supervising young children near the toilets and be sure to teach them that the toilet is not a toy to play with. Any such blockages will need to be attended by a professional to remove the foreign objects.


Need a Professional?


If you’ve been surprised with a blocked drain, it could be due to any number of reasons. From congealed oil in pipes to your child’s favourite pair of socks that disappeared two days ago, blocked drains are a nuisance that needs to be dealt with.

If you need a professional to help you clear up your drains, we can help. We are blocked drain specialists with multiple blocked drain services on offer.

Flowwise Plumber on the Sunshine Coast are professionals that can take care of your blocked drains, call us today 07 5445 4276. 

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