When you need pipework repaired or installed, you can look for general plumbers or find a plumbing pipe lining specialist on the Sunshine Coast.

At Flow Wise, we offer a good range of domestic and commercial services and solutions for interior and exterior pipes.

This includes clearing blocked drains, relining pipes, and repairing.

Unlike some plumbing jobs, the work we do should rarely be tempted on your own – it is best left to the experts.

If any of the following problems arise, it’s always best to give us a call. 


Water Leaks

Your first instinct when you detect a water leak is probably to find it and fix it.

However, this is a problem that’s always best left to the experts so you can be sure it’s done properly before any additional damage can occur.

We can find the source of the leak and make the repairs so that you don’t run the risk of anything in your home, including the structure itself, being destroyed.


No Water

Sometimes this can occur with just one fixture but can also affect the entire house.

No running water poses health risks and is inconvenient and this is something you definitely need a professional plumber to help with.

It could be a problem with your hot water system or the plumbing system in general, but an expert can diagnose the situation and determine what needs to be done to remedy it. 


Sewage Odours

A problem with your sewage system is something that needs to be taken care of immediately.

The gases that often enter the air with such a problem are dangerous and a sewage problem, in general, increases the risk of health issues.

Fixing a sewage line often requires digging, which means securing permits and performing the task itself, something that a plumber needs to do. It is not a DIY job. 


Natural Gas Leak

A natural gas leak is nothing to mess around with and it’s vital to call the experts immediately.

This can be a very dangerous situation so it’s also best to evacuate your home until the situation can be assessed.

Usually, this problem occurs due to a malfunction with your hot water system and you may detect the smell of rotten eggs to alert you to the problem.

However, if the gas leak appears to be coming from the gas meter itself, call your gas company because they often respond more quickly.

If you need help from pipe lining experts on the Sunshine Coast, call us here at Flow Wise. We assure us of the fastest attention.

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