Sunshine Coast’s leading blocked drain and pipe repairer Flowwise, is the only business on the Coast to have a WaterMark certification for their pipe repair services.

Flowwise owns the only licence on the Coast for the innovative Nuflow Blueline technology. This technology enables Flowwise to provide a fast, safe and cost effective solution for domestic and commercial applications for damaged pipes. Using this advanced pipe repair and unblocking application Flowwise provides solutions for cracked, leaking and corroded pipes without digging.

The recently awarded WaterMark certification means the Blueline technology Flowwise owns the licence for is the only certified watermarked pipe-lining product in Australia. This technology meets the highest regulatory standards in Australia including AS3500, which governs the plumbing industry.

Nuflow Blueline’s technology is the most versatile pipe lining application in the world. This technology enables structural repairs to all types of pipes from 40mm to 100mm in diameter. This ‘no dig’ technology means a minimal disruption to any building, garden, or the environment.

The Blueline technology can be installed on pipe junctions, bends, and horizontal or vertical pipes with one complete application. Flowwise is also the only business on the Coast that can repair pipe junctions in one application, reducing further issues while saving time and money.

The Blueline technology has many benefits including it restores the structural integrity of a pipe, prevents joints weakening, has a smooth transition to the host pipe, and prevents roots from penetrating the line. In addition, while repairs are being made the pipe system still remains fully functional.

Flowwise specialises in pipe sectional lining. Their Blueline technology allows the Flowwise qualified team to stop and start pipe repairs at any point within the pipe, and to make liners to any configuration with various lengths. This process takes a fraction of the time of traditional re-pipe or other pipe repair methods.

Recognised as the world’s most dynamic and versatile relining system, Nuflow Technologies is dedicated to research and development of new products. Nuflow also backs up their products and systems with the Blueline technology having a 50 year written warranty.

Read more about Flowwise’s Blueline technology or contact us for a free quote.

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