A leak of any kind is never good news for a homeowner, and this can only be worse when the problematic pipe is underground. In many cases, it can be difficult to even tell if there is a problem until it is nearly too late. It is important to know how to find such a leak so that a professional can fix it before further damage is done – here are just a few signs of a leaking underground pipe.


1. Check your water use and water bill

A tell-tale sign of a significant underground pipe leak is an unexpected and unexplained increase in your water bill. You must check this regularly even if you are used to seeing roughly the same metrics time and time again – you might miss the sharp rise in water use that only a leak would explain.

Similarly, you can use your water meter to determine an issue. If it increases when you are sure that nobody has used any water, there is likely a leak to contend with.


2. Inspect your property directly

There are several key symptoms of a leak that you should always look out for on your property because you can often notice the excess water. First of all, if the soil itself is uncharacteristically wet despite a lack of rain, it has likely come into contact with water from a leaking pipe.

There might also be cracks in the paving or even a pothole from the water damage a leak can bring. On a less-visual level, you must take note of any unpleasant smells that seem to be emerging from under the soil. A leak that has been able to fester for some time will bring mould with it, and this often has an odour.


3. Low water pressure

This is a typical consequence of any leak, but if the pipes inside the home appear to be functioning properly in the face of low water pressure, then it might be that your external pipes are the relevant culprits. This should be a relatively obvious sign, as it will present itself when you try to use the water in your home.

An easy way to check if you have low water pressure is to flush the toilet while the shower is on. If you are facing low water pressure, then the shower will practically shut off to compensate. An underground leak will result in the water pressure dropping across the entire property, not just an appliance or two.

At Flowwise, our Sunshine Coast experts have the tools to detect and repair an underground leak without any expensive or extensive digging. We can insert a special lining into the pre-existing pipe, whereupon it expands to block any leak while still allowing normal pipe function.

Only licensed plumbers should undertake work such as this – otherwise, you can easily open yourself to extra costs. For more information on our pipe repair services and to request a free quote, go ahead and contact us today.

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