If you, like much of the world, are working from home right now, you are naturally using your plumbing system more often.

If blocked drains on the Sunshine Coast worry you, try not to be too concerned. However, it is vital to take proper steps to maintain and care for your drains during your time at home, and always.

The experts here at Flow Wise Complete Drain Solutions can help anytime you have a problem.

In the meantime, here’s how to care for your drains so they always work as they should.


Flush the Right Way.

One of the best ways to take care of your drains and your entire plumbing system is to flush properly.

That means only flushing toilet tissue and human waste down the toilets in your home. That means you should never flush baby wipes, female sanitary items, food, paper towels, or cat litter down the toilets.

This can lead to blockages that can cause costly damage to your pipes and drains.


Avoid Putting Grease Down the Drains

In your kitchen, it’s also important to use caution with what you put down the drains.

Grease should always be thrown in the garbage and never rinsed down the sink. That’s because it coats the pipes in your drain, but also the pipes throughout your home. Over time, this built-up grease can cause sewage issues that are unpleasant and expensive.

If you spill grease, clean it up with paper towels and dispose of them in the garbage can. When you cook with grease, dispose of it in the garbage as well.


Use a Drain Guard.

Placing a drain guard in each of your sinks is an easy way to keep things from going down that shouldn’t and takes some of the work out of avoiding letting them slip down.

A drain plug in the kitchen sink will catch food and other debris so that you can put it in the trash can. A drain plug in the tubs and showers will prevent hair from clogging those drains and creating plumbing problems as a result.


Have Your System Cleaned Regularly by a Professional 

This should be done about every three years and involves having a professional plumber look in your pipes and sewage system and clean it all out. This helps prevent built-up gunk over time and ensures that your entire system is always in top performing shape.

In these times, we need to be more aware of anything that can affect our health, and that includes block drains on the Sunshine Coast.

We’re always happy to help, call us at Flow Wise Complete Drain Solutions today.

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