Pipe relining is a straightforward way of repairing cracked or broken pipes without too much hassle and without any intrusive digging. In the past, plumbers would have no choice but to tear up a client’s garden to access a problematic pipe; this took a lot of time and was very expensive. Now, licensed experts can easily repair your plumbing problems much quicker with less heavy equipment. Read on to learn more about pipe relining, and how exactly a plumber can conduct this service without digging up your property.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining seals the cracks in your plumbing from within – and without needing to directly access the pipe in question. In a way, this process involves generating a completely new pipe, which comfortably fits inside the original cracked one and still efficiently transports the same contents along the system. It preserves the flow of the pre-existing pipe while cushioning it against further damage, akin to double-bagging your heavy shopping just to be sure it doesn’t spill out.

With the new materials in place, you can have peace of mind that further cracks in the affected area won’t continue to interfere with the pipe’s usual duties. This innovative service isn’t just suitable for underground pipes, it can be used for manhole rehabilitation and fixing Y and T-junctions too. Many of the pipes on your street may rely on relining to do their job effectively, especially as this process can help plumbing systems stay stable for decades.

How Do Plumbers Prepare For Pipe Relining?

Though the process is simple and flexible, there are still some considerations that a plumber takes into account before they actually begin relining. First and foremost, they investigate the site and inspect the area – cameras that can fit underground, and even into the pipes, are essential for this. This helps them identify any blockages, which they can remove using special tools, such as robotic cutters; they also clean the pipe using high-pressure water jets. With a final check, they measure the pipes and determine how much lining they’ll require to fix the area and limit further cracking.

How Do Plumbers Conduct Pipe Relining?

The technician uses the measurements to ascertain the amount of lining, after which they install it (uninflated) within the pipe, with an epoxy resin which will guarantee it stays strong for years to come. When the liner is in place and the drain camera confirms this, air inflates the lining and creates a strong seal against the pipe. Once the resin cures, you will have a new durable and watertight pipe ready to serve your needs for many years, and all without needlessly digging up your garden.

At FlowWise, we use the innovative Nuflow solution in conjunction with our Blueline technology to provide our pipe relining service to people across the Sunshine Coast. With decades of plumbing industry experience under our belts, we know exactly how to repair your pipes in a way that’s cost-effective and hassle-free. For more on our services and a free quote, contact us today.

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