No Dig Pipe Repair Sunshine Coast

No Dig Pipe Repair

Leaking Pipe Repair Sunshine Coast

There are various types of pipes in your home and around your property. The majority of pipes will usually last and perform well for years, however unfortunately not everything lasts forever.

Pipes do need to be checked and fixed to prevent leaks, further damage, or blockages.

If you have a damaged pipe, leaking pipe, or suspect a pipe needs fixing around your house or on your property – we don’t have to dig up your whole garden or move a shed to find and repair a pipe or pipes.

We use specialised equipment and camera technology that enables us to determine the location, issue and repair the pipe/s.

This also allows us to fix the issue quickly, saves you time and money and with minimal impact on your home life or family.

As part of our no dig pipe repair service, we provide advance pipe relining services.

For any kind of damaged pipes, pipe relining provides an excellent repair solution without having to replace the whole pipe and without digging.

See our pipe relining services and our technology for information on how this cost effective no dig solution works.

We also provide complete blocked drain services and commercial services. Call us 07 5445 4276today for a no obligation free quote.


How does dig-free pipe repair work?

Many of you might be asking how we can repair pipes without digging; perhaps you have had similar issues in the past and were told that digging underground was the only way to fix your pipes.

To expand on the technology that helps us do this, we use Nuflow solutions to pinpoint your problematic pipes and solve any dilemma without excavation. Our seamless Blueline technology can grant you structural assistance to damaged pipes between 40mm to 1000m under the surface, and our tailor-made lining is able to enter any opening to match the shape of a pipe and effectively ‘cushion’ it.

This lets you avoid any costly repair bills and keep your local infrastructure intact, which will really help save you time both short-term and long-term. Closing up shop for the week or having a busy construction team at your door does not have to be the necessary evil it once was. Whether your pipes are vertical or horizontal, we can fix any eligible pipes with our innovative no-dig pipe repair techniques.

Pipe Relining

As mentioned above, if your issue involves damage to your pipes, our technology can reline it without digging. If the problem is more complex than a blockage, which we can solve using simple water jets, then our tailor-made Blueline liners can target the specific areas affected by damages; we do not need to reline the entire pipe.

Our liner is inserted into the pipe and inflated to match the specifications of your unique plumbing, where it is left to cure over time. Think of it as a ‘cast’ for the pipe which still allows water and more to flow through it easily.

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No dig pipe repair
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do pipes collapse?

Sewer pipes usually collapse when they become damaged or worn, and this can happen for several reasons. The most common is damage caused by tree roots, which grow into the pipe, exploiting weak points and eventually causing it to collapse.

Another common cause is corrosion from water damage, which can also lead to cracks in the pipe walls. In older homes, sewer pipes are sometimes made of clay or cast iron and may have been installed with a bell-and-spigot joint, which is susceptible to leaking.

How is a no-dig repair better?

A no-dig repair is better than other pipe repair methods because it’s faster and more cost-effective. What’s more, we use a special machine to inject grout into the pipe, meaning no digging is required. With other repair methods, you have to dig up the ground around your pipe, which creates a giant mess on your lawn or yard. It can also take weeks or months to get everything fixed.

Why is a CCTV survey used?

A CCTV survey is used to identify and assess blockages in pipes. One of our engineers will be able to determine the extent of damage caused by the blockage without having to carry out any digging work, which takes a lot of time. This footage also helps us decide whether we need to repair or replace the affected pipe.

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