If a pipe bursts in your home, do you know what to do?

You must turn off your water the moment you discover a burst pipe as water damage is more easily minimised if you take action promptly. As soon as the water has been turned off, open your taps so that any remaining cold water can drain from your pipes. This will relieve any pressure in your pipes.

The next step is to determine where the pipe burst. Check for bulging ceilings and other signs of water damage if it appears to have been leaking for some time. Place a bucket under the leak to contain the dripping water if you catch it early enough.

The plumbers at Flowwise can repair or replace broken pipes as soon as possible, and you should contact a reliable electrician if your electrical system has been damaged.

How Do I Know If A Pipe Has Burst Underground?

There are many signs that water is leaking underground. Detecting them early can help prevent extensive damage to your home and yard. Call the team at Flowwise if:

Your water pressure drops: The underground pipes may be leaking, clogged, eroded, or ruptured if you are experiencing low water pressure and there are no council or construction projects in your area.

Your yard is full of sinkholes and potholes: A leak that has gone unchecked for a long time or a burst pipe can cause puddles of water to form, soggy ground, unstable paving and a thriving garden. Before you dig up your garden bed or tear up your lawn, contact a professional if you see any of these signs in your yard.

Dirty or stinky water: Rusty pipes can cause discoloured water or an odd smell from your taps, which can often result in leaks or burst pipes.

Flowwise Can Repair Underground Pipes Using The Latest Industry Advances

The repair of underground pipes can be carried out without the need to dig up the ground. Using our advanced camera technologies, we can detect any issues in subterranean pipes. If there is a blockage, our waterjet blasting techniques will quickly resolve the problem.

If there is a break or rupture, Flowwise uses the tried and tested Nuflow Blueline Technology to repair underground pipes without the need to disrupt your home with expensive excavation.

Relining pipes with Blueline reinforces and rehabilitates them by creating a pipe within a pipe. A liner of epoxy is installed in the pipe’s interior and bonds to its surface to seal to protect it from further wear, significantly increasing its life expectancy.

The Blueline system is designed to restore structural integrity to underground pipes, preventing joint weakening and root penetration.

With Blueline, you can stop and start lining at any point in the pipe, offering greater installation flexibility with sectional lining – and it works in pipe junctions, bends, horizontal and vertical pipes.

Compared to an excavation-based method, this method offers several advantages. Repairing pipes without digging has the main advantage of being significantly less disruptive to surfaces, soil, and landscaping. In the right situations, it is also more cost-effective and convenient.

If you have a burst water pipe of any description, give the team at Flowwise a call on (07) 5445 4276 or alternatively, you can reach us on 0414 452 400 for emergency callouts outside of business hours.

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