If blocked drains are a regular problem for your property, it could be the case that your sewage pipe network is compromised in some way.

Modern technology allows plumbers to use a cable-mounted camera to look inside your pipes, enabling easy and accurate diagnosis of the cause of persistent pipe failure. In many cases, the root of the problem is a compromised pipe. Tree roots, wear and tear, or subsidence may all have resulted in a pipe that’s partially occluded.

In these circumstances, excavating the old pipe, then replacing it with a new one, used to be the only option. Now, however, a growing number of property owners are opting for no dig pipe repair in order to keep their drainage system in top condition.

What Is No Dig Pipe Repair?

No Dig Pipe Repair & Relining

Here at Flowwise on the Sunshine Coast, we recognise rather than a compromised pipe being dug out and replaced by a fresh one, no dig pipe repair involves coating the inside of the pipe using a durable, resin liner.

Available in a variety of dimensions to fit pipes of all shapes and sizes, these liners (such as Blueline, for example), create a new, durable pipe wall that’s impervious to tree roots or rocks, as well as incredibly hard-wearing. The liner can be applied without needing to dig the old pipe out, minimising disruption and labour.

Minimal Disruption To Your Property

As already indicated, no dig pipe repair means your yard, garden or frontage doesn’t need to be excavated in order to provide your pipes with a new lease of life. Not only does this mean your property’s exterior remains virtually unchanged, it also reduces the amount of time needed to restore the pipes, which means there’s a labour saving compared with traditional pipe replacement projects.

Long Lasting Pipe Relining

Blueline and related liners are expected to last at least 50 years after installation. This means that for most homeowners, relined pipes offer decades of hassle-free service.

No Dig Pipe Repair on the Sunshine Coast

For professional pipe repair without digging on the Sunshine Coast, contact the specialists at Flowwise today.

Preventative Measures

If you are regularly experiencing problems with old, compromised pipework, it’s unlikely that the issue is going to go away without intervention. No dig pipe repair not only sorts out an existing pipe fault, it can also be used as a preventative measure, minimising the risk of future leaks and/or blockages. We also offer an annual maintenance problem to add extra preventative measures. 

Reduction In Repair Bills

Employing a professional to unblock your drain costs money. The more times you have to call out a drain specialist in a year, the higher the cost. In comparison, if you opt for a no dig pipe repair, it means you’re highly unlikely to experience drainage problems in the next few decades. For many businesses, it makes sense to hire a professional for their commercial plumbing, especially with an older drainage network, as relining pipes can see their repair bills plummet.

Versatile Pipe Repair Solution

No dig pipe repair is suitable for use on almost any sort of pipe, including metal, concrete, and plastic piping.

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